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How to Apply

We are sorry but the 2021-2023 enrollment is now closed.

If you are interested in receiving updates for the next enrollment cycle, please email us at


A CPM® Applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be employed by an Idaho government entity.
  • Be a:
    • Supervisor or manager; or
    • Program manager responsible for technical or professional support; or
    • Individual identified by an agency as showing potential for advancement into management.
  • Receive the endorsement of an immediate supervisor or higher management.
  • Complete approved pre-requisites.


State of Idaho employees are encouraged to complete the Supervisory Academy with the Division of Human Resources to fulfill the prerequisite requirement for CPM®. Applicants from other Idaho government entities will need to fulfill the prerequisite requirement by using criteria from one of the main categories below:

A minimum of 30 hours of supervision or management training within the past five (5) years which includes:
  • Role of Supervision/Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Self Management – managing time, stress, and emotions; having organizational integrity
  • Communication – defining styles; listening; giving direction; working with generational differences
  • Performance Management – hiring; setting expectations; giving feedback; appraising performance; disciplining; documenting
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution – resolving employee problems
  • EEO
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Customer Service
A minimum of two (2) years as a supervisor or manager which required performance management.
A related higher education degree within the past fifteen (15) years such as:
  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Public Administration


Idaho’s Certified Public Manager® Program include a successful completion of a work-related project called the Capstone Project.  This is a real-world problem faced in the participant’s home agency that would benefit from application of the principles taught in the classroom.  Each applicant will work with their agency leadership to identify and define this work.  Idaho’s CPM® program requires approximately 50 hours of dedicated time to complete this project. 

Some examples of capstone projects include:

  • Collaborative Workforce Environment
  • Improving Internal and External Customer Service
  • Infrastructure Consolidation & Capacity Planning
  • Facilitating Collaborative Approaches
  • Onboarding Training and Desk Manual
  • Career Development/Succession Planning
  • Update of Process, Program, and Protocol
  • Creation of Operator Guides
  • Design and Implementation of Organization Outreach Tools

The American Academy of Certified Public Managers® (AACPM) recognizes the best of these projects over the years with the George C. Askew Awards.  You can view descriptions of the award winners here to get an idea of the types of projects undertaken. 

Program Fees

Fees total $2,375 and are paid over two fiscal years. Fees are normally paid by the sponsoring agency.

Program Handbook

For information on Idaho’s Certified Public Manager® Program, please view the program handbook below. The handbook is a great resource for interested applicants and agency leadership to understand the program’s policies and procedures. We recommend that all applicants read the handbook below prior to applying for the program.

Click here to view the Certified Public Manager® Program Handbook

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