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Program Curriculum

*Please note that this is the curriculum for the current CPM® program, not for the track beginning in October 2019.

Curriculum will be similar, but not exact for the next track.

Outcome: Assess and manage personal behaviors and skills to enhance interpersonal relationships and management effectiveness.
Interaction Styles7
Temperament Theory7
Listening Skills3.5
Nonverbal Communication3.5
Emotional Intelligence7
Strategic Thinking (day one)7
Strategic Thinking (day two)7
Critical Thinking (day one)7
Critical Thinking (day two)7
Character Strengths7
Total Hours73.5
Level One Review / Personal GoalsAssignment

Outcome: Effectively manage employee and organizational performance for increased productivity.
Capstone Project Orientation (½ day)3.5
Business Writing (½ day)3.5
Business Writing, part two 7
Leading Teams7
Negotiation Skills7
Managing Your Workforce (day one)7
Managing Your Workforce (day two)7
Managing Your Workforce (day three)7
Crucial Accountability (day one)7
Crucial Accountability (day two)7
Project Management7
Problem Analysis and Decision Making7
Change Management7
Capstone Project Proposal Networking3.5
Total Hourse87.5
Book Analysis: First Break All the RulesAssignment
Project ProposalAssignment
Level Two ReviewAssignment

Outcome: Influence and manage the initiation, development, and implementation of public policy.
Policy Administration and People Skills7
Applied Ethics7
State Budget Process4
Legislative Protocol3.5
Political Savvy3.5
Policy Analysis7
Survey Methodology7
Appreciative Inquiry7
Effective Presentations7
Total Hours53
Project UpdateAssignment
Agency JFAC BudgetAssignment
Level Three ReviewAssignment

Outcome: Lead organizations to realize innovative government.
Mid-program Review7
Conflict Management7
Respectful Workplace, FMLA, ADA7
Time Management7
Coaching Skills7
Strategic Planning7
Managing for Organizational Success7
Total Hours49
Project UpdateAssignment
Budget ReportAssignment
Leadership Book AnalysisAssignment
Level Four ReviewAssignment

Outcome: To apply personal and organizational strategies leading to change.
Capstone Project Run-through3.5
Project Presentations7
Total Hours20.5
Project ReportAssignment
Project PresenationAssignment
Comprehensive ExamAssignment
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